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Deodorant Sensitivities Happen.

Let's Have A Sensitive Conversation ...

... About Deodorant.

We've seen it: Sensitivities to your deodorant are common. And yes, it's irritating when your deodorant makes your armpits feel as if they're on fire. It's often hard to pinpoint the cause of deodorant sensitivity. Numerous ingredients can be the culprits — particularly if you are using a deodorant that isn't "clean." But what if you are using a clean deodorant and still have a reaction? Here are a few tips to help you narrow down why:

  • Ensure you are not using a deodorant that contains "synthetic fragrance." Synthetic fragrances are the top offender (yet often overlooked) in deodorant sensitivities. And, beware: Many clean deodorants still use artificial fragrances.
  • Take a look at the baking-soda concentration in your natural deodorant. If it's at the top of the ingredient list, then you may encounter a sensitivity. Baking soda should never be the first or second ingredient listed — that's way too high. In large concentrations, baking soda deteriorates the naturally occurring acid mantle of your skin. In other words, it destroys the protective barrier your skin has worked hard to build. When your barrier is compromised, your skin gets itchy, angry, painful, and red. Low concentration and still sensitive? Eliminate baking soda and see how it goes.
  • Check your deodorant for any potential allergens you may have. This is important, and yet many people don't think about it. Look for ingredients you are allergic to and others that might pose cross-contamination problems. Please note: Starling Skincare only sources ingredients when we can guarantee no cross-contamination of potential allergens. Here are some ingredients commonly found in deodorants that may be issues if you have an allergy: 
    • Soy — is often a source used for Vitamin E.
    • Nuts — cross contamination can always be an issue with ingredients. such as coconut oil, butters (mango, cocoa etc.), and starches.
    • Shea butter — often hailed as "safe" for all, it may not be safe for someone allergic to nuts.
    • Gluten — can be found or cross-contaminated in ingredients such as Vitamin E or starches (corn, arrowroot, etc). 

Here's where Starling Deodorants can help. We've worked hard to address sensitive skin deodorant needs with two efficient and low-irritation formulas. Both formulas are aluminum-free, toxin-free, allergen-free, and highly effective at keeping you dry and confident.

Our Signature Formula contains baking soda, but at an amount tolerated by most customers who have had previous sensitivities. A low concentration of baking soda still curbs odor, and a high concentration of tapioca keeps you dry. Magnesium defends against odor and works like a charm.

When you're sensitive, everything matters. We nurture sensitive underarms with our Sensitive Formula, which contains no baking soda. We use extra tapioca for wetness control and magnesium to tamp odors. Healing calendula soothes minor irritations and aids cell regeneration. Our creamy formula moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling awesome.

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