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Hello, Aries Season!

Starling Skincare Aries Season 2022

Aries Season Is HERE

On Sunday March 20th, the Sun moved into the Mars ruled fire sign, Aries. Mars is the planet of physical action, desire, passion, and assertion. Naturally therefore Aries inhabits these traits as well. Aries is the 1st sign out of the 12 and kicks off the Zodiacal New Year with the Spring Equinox.

Aries is a Cardinal fire sign which means that it's a natural born leader and trailblazer. Aries is the Ram, the Warrior, the Pioneer, the Leader. When the Sun is in Aries, our lives get a major dose of this fiery energy that has us making moves. Get ready for a major upleveling!

With Aries season we're hitting the reset button.  Aries is the 1st sign of the 12 which means it begins the Zodiac New Year & it starts on the first day of Spring! This is an amazing time to get clear on your dreams for the next year & Aries gives us the energy to get started!

This is also a transit for claiming your personal power. Aries is a sign that is very independent . It naturally rules the 1st house in Astrology , which is the house of the Self. This is a transit about embracing your personal power & your inner warrior. Anything feels possible now. 

Major upgrades in our life happen during Aries season because Aries doesn't take no for an answer & is unapologetic about going after what it wants. This is a transit about doing just that. During this season, anything that doesn't light you up inside gets left behind, making way for passion, excitement and upleveling.

Here's what Aries season is bringing to your rising sign: 

You can check your sun & moon too!

Aries Rising: 1st house

With the Sun in your 1st house - the house of the Self - this is a transit for asserting yourself in bolder, more confident ways & stepping into your personal power, going for what you want & taking inspired action.

Taurus Rising: 12th house

With the Sun in your 12th house - the house of spirituality & isolation - this is a more introspective time as you connect to your subconscious mind, your inner self, your shadow, a time of reflection & realignment.

Gemini Rising: 11th house

With the Sun in your 11th house - the house of friends & the collective - this is a time to mingle, to connect with others in your community, to step up as a leader for humanity & the things that matter to you, inspiring others to do the same

Cancer Rising: 10th house

With the Sun in your 10th house - the house of career & legacy - you're feeling powerful in your career, this might be a time where you get promoted or boldly take a leap of faith & leave your 9-5 for something WAY more exciting!

Leo Rising: 9th house:

With the Sun in your 9th house - the house of travel & adventure - you're feeling the PULL to get on a plane and jet off somewhere new and foreign. This is a powerful time to take a course, hire a mentor, take up a new hobby & expand your horizons!

Virgo Rising: 8th house

With the Sun in your 8th house - the house of intimacy & death/rebirth - this is a time of deep transformation, releasing the past, alchemizing old wounds. Aries gives you the strength to make it through this more difficult transit.

Libra Rising: 7th house 

With the Sun in your 7th house - the house of relationships (romantic & business) - the focus is on the relationships you have with others and boldly upleveling them by going after what you want, making it happen, or by ending those that just aren't working. Aries gives you the courage to do so.

Scorpio Rising: 6th house 

With the Sun in your 6th house - the house of daily routine & health - this transit is focused around cutting out the things that aren't healthy for you - physically, mentally, emotionally. The fiery energy of Aries gets you to spice up your daily routine & asks you to find an outlet for all that pent up energy.

Sagittarius Rising: 5th house 

With the Sun in your 5th house - the house of play, passion, dating, romance - this is a FUN time for you to say the least. Aries season is igniting your passion, desire, romance, play, and self expression! If you're single - this is THE transit to put yourself out there!

Capricorn Rising: 4th house 

With the Sun in your 4th house - the house of home, family & emotional security- this is a transit about boldly creating the family, home, nurturing, self-care practices that you've always wanted. This is a transit about doing that for yourself first!

Aquarius Rising: 3rd house

With the Sun in your 3rd house - the house of ideas & communication - you're being invited to boldly express your creativity, your ideas, ask for what you want and need, and be unapologetic about sharing your Truth. This transit is about speaking up, boldly and confidently.

Pisces Rising: 2nd house

With the Sun in your 2nd house - the house of self-worth & money - this transit invites you to stand firmly rooted in your power, your confidence, your worthiness. Financially, this transit ushers in money and abundance as well.

Happy Aries season!