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quench hydrating balm
quench hydrating balm

Quench Hydrating Balm

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Let Quench Come To Your Skin's Rescue

Have skin in need of healing and repair? Here you go.

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Ingredients: coconut oil*, rosehip seed oil*, beeswax*, sea buckthorn* essential oil, lavender essential oil, calendula oil*, frankincense essential oil, vitamin e*, jojoba oil* (*organic).

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Soothes chapped hands

I love this stuff for my chapped hands. It has saved me this winter! Thank you Starling :star:️

Bernadette Chamberlain rohrbasser
Love Quench!

I can’t get of enough of this product! It’s a perfect fix for dry, winter hands.

Kelli H.
Quench is our new must have skincare product!

My son came back from camp with a terrible sunburn. Aloe just didn't seem to help. We started using Quench and his skin has healed so well! It is our new go-to product for all of our summer trips and I am sure we will use it throughout the year! Thanks for this wonderful product and keep up the great work!

Parricia Ryan

I have used Quench balm on my hands and it has done a great job on dryness and dark spots. I will order this again. My hands look and feel great.