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Calm Cleanser + Revive Serum | Set
Calm Cleanser + Revive Serum | Set
Calm Cleanser + Revive Serum | Set
Calm Cleanser + Revive Serum | Set
Calm Cleanser + Revive Serum Set gluten free, allergen free, soy free and clean skincare. sensitive skin cleanser. sensitive skin serum.

Calm Cleanser + Revive Serum | Set

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Starling's Calm Cleanser and Revive Serum plant-based super duo works together to restore the natural balance of redness prone and sensitized skin. Our set includes full size products at an amazing value.

Calm cleanser is an effective calming, balancing, brightening, hydrating and detox agent. Cleans without removing your skin’s natural barriers. Effortlessly removes all make-up (heavier makeup does require two cleanses) and hydrates, while keeping your skin calm and free of redness. Breathe in deeply as you lather and take in the lovely Ylang Ylang scent. It will relax you and give your skin a beautiful glow.

Our anti-aging serum - Revive - is made for those with sensitive, stressed or unbalanced skin, who need some help bringing their complexion back to life. It is full of healthy fatty acids, vitamins, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants to leave you with a remarkably healthy and glowing complexion.

This featherweight oil serum is low on the non-comedogenic scale to ensure your skin stays clear of clogged pores and breakouts. It keeps your skin hydrated, taut, and rejuvenated. Super potent, super-foods rose hip seed, chia, pomegranate, and hemp are just some of this formula’s heavy lifters to give you the well-rested and healthy glow you deserve.  Can be used as your primary source of moisture or to be layered with other products for additional efficacy.


"Great serum, it's not greasy at all. Sinks right in. Is much nicer than the very expensive brand I used to use. And I like there are no chemicals. It has helped my rosacea a lot." – Daniella C.

"I can’t say enough good things about these products. I never had problem skin growing up...however, that all changed once I had my kids (coincidence? I think not! 😂) My skin became sensitive, easily inflamed and overall unhappy.... I started using the Starling cleanser and the serum and the change was instantaneous - my skin truly is is calm. The all-natural formula is so gentle yet more effective than all the dozens of products I’ve been trying for the last 10 years. Forever a fan!" – Jillian L.

"I have a nut allergy. It's great to find natural products made without nuts or shea butter! I don't feel like these products are missing anything without the nuts. These were really good for my skin. It looks the best it's looked in a long time." – Margo M.

"This cleanser smells divine and I love that it's clean too! The cleanser works better than anything I have found removing makeup and my skin is soft and moisturized." – Helena

"Best all natural products I have used. Last week I tried the Calm cleansing lotion followed by the anti aging serum and my skin feels just wonderful. I have some bouts of rosacea and these products really do help with the redness." – Pat R. 

"I absolutely LOVE all the products! I most especially love the serum ... The serum makes my skin so soft yet not greasy." – Colleen H.

Directions: Thoroughly cleanse with Calm Cleanser. You may need a double cleanse with makeup. Rinse and gently massage in three drops Revive Serum. Let sink in and then apply your favorite moisturizer.


Calm Cleanser Ingredients: aloe vera*, lavender hydrosol*, chamomile water*, ylang ylang water, vegetable glycerine*, lauryl glucoside, rose kaolin clay, coco betaine, xanthan gum, rosehip seed oil*, jojoba oil*, red raspberry seed oil*, radish root extract, frankincense essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, vitamin e, rosemary essential oil (*organic)

Revive Serum Ingredients: grape seed oil, *borage seed oil, *evening primrose seed oil, *rose hip seed oil, *chia seed oil, *pumpkin seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, *camilla seed oil, *hemp seed oil, *hibiscus oil, *pomegranate seed oil, *blueberry seed oil, *calendula extract, *olive oil, broccoli seed oil, *carrot seed oil  (*organic)