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Quench Hydrating Balm 2 OZ - starlingskincare
Quench Hydrating Balm

Quench Hydrating Balm

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Let Quench Come To Your Skin's Rescue

Have skin in need of healing and repair? Here you go.

Originally formulated for sun-damaged skin that needs extra replenishment, Quench Hydrating Balm goes the extra mile and reduces redness and itchiness. It's excellent for sunburns and wind burns and other skin emergencies.

Use Quench wherever your skin is stressed or parched or in need of some extra TLC. Simply rub in and watch your skin re-hydrate.

This sunny balm contains organic coconut oil (for extra moisture) and essential oils including organic rosehip seed, organic calendula, and organic sea buckthorn.

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Ingredients: coconut oil*, rosehip seed oil*, beeswax*, sea buckthorn* essential oil, lavender essential oil, calendula oil*, frankincense essential oil, vitamin e*, jojoba oil* (*organic).