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Staff Picks: What We Use and Why

We asked the Starling team which products they can't get enough of — what they stash in their desk so they can use all the time — and why. Take a peek into their daily wellness routines and learn more about what each of these incredible all-natural products can do for you.

Nathalie (co-founder): Sleep Wellness Set

I love taking baths, year round. For me it's an escape, a moment to myself. 

I create my own spa experience with our sleep and wellness set. I run a bath, add our arnica bath salts (about a 1/4 cup). I like suds in my bath, so I also add an all-natural body gel to the running water (or you can add Radiance Body Oil for extra moisturizing benefits, too). I hop in and automatically feel relaxed ... the eucalyptus oil and lemon oil in combination with the salts are so soothing. I breathe in and meditate for about 5 minutes. The arnica works to relax my muscles.

After the bath, I make myself some Goodnight Tea. It has valerian root – known to naturally enhance the quality of sleep. The chamomile and honey brush tea give it a sweet and delicious flavor.

Then right before bed, I apply a dime-size amount of Sleep Multitasking Balm on the palms of my hands, rub together, and massage onto my temples, dab under my nose, and apply to my hands and feet. This balm has a natural scent that lingers, soothes, and works to help me fall fast asleep. I wake feeling calm and rejuvenated, ready for the day and whatever comes my way.

Wellness priority: Farm-fresh foods (we have a large garden), vegan and/or vegetarian most of the time, and lots of sleep!

Jennifer (SVP of marketing): Super Boost

When the weather gets cold, my skin craves extra moisture. I've found that an all-natural hyaluronic serum is an easy add to your routine for extra hydration.

Super Boost is my game changer! I use it in the morning right before my moisturizer to seal in the moisture for maximum hydration all day. It gives my skin a dewy glow and makes it look smooth, calm, and bouncy. It works incredibly well around my brow area (where I fight wrinkles and fine lines) for instant plumpness. It also has these amazing plant-based waters that help heal and reduce redness. I have tricky skin and was slow to try some all-natural products at first. Now, I can't believe how effective a natural product like this can be. I'm hooked!

Wellness priorities: Daily exercise, walking my dogs, and drinking lots and lots of water.

Lisa (co-founder): Radiance Body Oil

When I was younger, I had such nice skin. I really underappreciated what a gift that is. I never used a body moisturizer and, as a general rule, only took care of my face. But as I got earlier, I started to realize you can't take this stuff for granted. I needed a product that would help reverse the signs of neglect and aging, and so I had a thought: Why not develop a product for our line? We did just that and it's now my absolute Starling obsession. I use Radiance Body Oil every day and I've seen such amazing results.

The scent in this body oil is absolutely perfect. It always reminds me of a warm summer day – even in the coldest of months. I tend to be sensitive to strong scents and synthetic fragrances. This gently lingers all day, but is very natural and clean. It makes me so happy.

We put a lot into this product. Multiple rejuvenating and highly moisturizing organic oils sink in quickly, and they soften and smooth your skin instantaneously. With regular use, it tackles fine lines and lack of firmness. I see the glowing results on myself. It works!

How do I use it? I often start with a dry brush to remove any dead skin cells. Then I hop in the shower and cleanse off. After that, I gently massage in Radiance everywhere I need it (literally EVERYWHERE these days). I let it sink in for a few minutes, and then I am ready for the day!

Wellness priorities: Clean eating and living, taking care of my body (including my skin), and focusing on the power of positivity.

Tim (production assistant): Calm Cleanser

I used to use a well-known facial cleanser that claimed to be all-natural. But then I began working at Starling and quickly learned that all-natural was often a loose-fitting, misleading term. The product I had been using was, in fact, full of chemicals. Damn!

After using Starling's Calm cleanser for the first time I was hooked. It smells great, has nice substance, and feels awesome on your face. Rinse it off and you can tell right away that your skin is fresher and cleaner. It's a mood booster.

Anyone looking for a cleanser that works and is really all-natural and chemical-free should try Calm. I can't imagine using anything else.

Wellness priorities: Working out, eating healthy food (most of the time), drinking lots of water, reading, and listening to music.

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