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Why Your Natural Deodorant May Have Stopped Working...

It's Super Common.

When your tried-and-true natural deodorant stops working, it’s baffling and disconcerting. It’s also one of the most common reasons why people hop from one deodorant brand to another.

But it might not be your favorite deodorant’s fault!

There are a few situational reasons that may have contributed to its downfall, such as ever-changing hormones, increased stress levels, new medications, or even a new workout routine. Any of these can lead to an increase in bacteria living on your skin.

The other (and much more common reason) for a lag in your natural deo’s performance can be excess product buildup on your underarm. Sounds weird, but it happens to EVERYBODY. Contrary to popular belief, a normal soap-and-water cleansing of the area doesn’t remove all the buildup.
Why would you have buildup? Natural deodorants are made with ingredients that resemble a balm (usually a butter and/or a wax). This helps soothe the area and keeps it protected and happy. As a function of natural protection, however, a deodorant can leave behind a film that covers the area. Even a brisk soap-and-water routine every day will not remove the residue. Although you may think that your favorite deo formula has changed, it probably hasn’t. You may just need to take a break.

In this situation, we always recommend that you give your armpits a rest and a reset. What does that mean? Try giving the underarm area a thorough cleansing. Not just with soap, but with some witch hazel hydrosol (make sure it’s alcohol free). Cleanse the area very well, until you feel no residue. Then give yourself a break for the rest of the day and don’t use deodorant. Yes, you may sweat a bit, but remember there is nothing wrong with sweating.

Then, after this short rest and reset, try your favorite deodorant again. Remember to not over-apply your deodorant. (With natural formulas, less is ALWAYS more. Over-application of your natural deodorant can result in a decrease of effectiveness.) Three swipes under each arm and you’re done. See how it goes. You will likely be able to use your fav formula again without worry.

Whenever a natural deodorant stops working, remember these telltale signs and try a rest and reset. You’ll be amazed at how something so simple can be so effective!

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