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charcoal extra strength | aluminum free deodorant

Charcoal Extra Strength | Aluminum Free Deodorant

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Charcoal Extra-Strength For Extra-Confidence

This new formula still contains all the ingr. . .

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Ingredients: tapioca starch, coconut oil*, beeswax*, mango butter, magnesium hydroxide,  jojoba oil, vitamin e*, all-natural fragrance derived from essential oils (*organic)

Directions for use:

Apply on clean and dry area. Wait until dry before putting clothes on. Reapply as needed. As with any natural deodorant, you may experience a brief transition period.

As you continue to use Starling deodorants, you will need to reapply less while experiencing less odor.While Starling is formulated to be a non-irritating, non-chemical deodorant, minor irritations can still occur due to a sensitivity. If you experience skin irritations, please discontinue use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mary Shalaby
It’s ok

I got it for my son, it smells kind of fresh not to weird or strong as some other natural deodorant, and the scent goes away anyway in like an hour and then you have reapply every 4 hours or so .

Amanda Vasquez
Works great!

So glad I found Starling. It works so well on my kids and on me.

James Jackson
Best non aluminum deodorant I've

Best non aluminum deodorant I've ever used and I've trie them all

Love the product not the packaging

We just got our first order... the actual deo works amazing but mine (luckily not my 8 year olds) came in cardboard tubs, and while in theory this is a great concept in reality they do not work very well, the cardboard circle you are supposed to push up kept sticking making it hard to push just a little up at a time and then Yesterday it only pushed up on one side so now the disk is half in the deo and a bunch pushed out the top and I can’t push it back down. So while I’m loving the actual deodorant cause it works great and runs in perfectly not sure I will order again because of the tube...I would much rather just recycle the plastic style my daughters came in.

Hi Tracy - thank you for the review! I am happy to tell you we have transitioned back to our recyclable tubes. Our desire was to be sustainable, but not at the expense of our customer happiness. We realized the paper tubes were functionally difficult and sometimes faulty as you describe. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts and sharing them. We appreciate it! And we’re so glad you like the deodorant! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Jessica W.
Full strength healthy deodrant

I have battled with excess sweeting and under arm smell my whole life. I usually purchase clinical strength deodrant at Walmart. I thought I would try this for the health & all natural benefits and it did not disappoint. It last all day and kept my under arms smelling good. Would highly recommend.