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How Hemp Seed Oil Can Improve Your Skin

Like many people, I was confused when I first heard about hemp oil. Was it hallucinogenic? Was it effective? Was it even legal?

Turns out hemp oil is not only perfectly legal but also something of a miracle ingredient thanks to all the benefits it provides to your skin. In fact it’s difficult to understand how one oil can accomplish so much.

First, it’s important to know a little about hemp oil. It’s made from ripened cannabis seeds but it doesn’t contain THC (the substance in marijuana that gets people high). Hemp oil is cold-pressed and greenish in color. It smells slightly nutty and grassy, and the finish when applied to skin is slightly dry (not greasy at all).

What does hemp do? Well, when applied topically it is extremely effective at treating inflammatory skin problems. It is rich in omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, and amino acids – critical building blocks to improving your skin’s natural cellular function, appearance and overall health.

Here are just some of hemp oil’s benefits for skin:

High in anti-oxidants
Reduces scarring
Helps balance skin-oil production
Protects against sun damage

And it’s great for all skin types: Sensitive, dry, normal, combination, and allergenic.

While it’s the perfect oil to use for overall skin health, hemp oil is especially effective at healing two skin difficult conditions:

Acne - We talk about this all the time. It is counter-intuitive to think an oil would help acne, but hemp oil really does. It works by balancing oily skin and regulating the skin’s natural oil production. It keeps your skin’s microbiome moisturized and thus prevents the development of acne (which can often occur when skin is dry and over-produces oil). Hemp oil is known to reduce inflammation and tamp redness associated with acne breakouts. Also, it’s non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.

Eczema - The key symptoms of this skin issue are dry, scaly lesions, itching, and uncomfortable skin. When used topically, hemp oil can help reduce itchiness and promote clear skin. And since it helps ease symptoms of itchiness, hemp oil can also improve sleep quality. It’s important to note here that hemp oil can be ingested as a remedy for eczema. There are several dietary hemp oils on the market to choose from, just make sure that whichever one you use is an organic, cold-pressed oil.

At Starling, we use organic, unrefined, cold-pressed hemp oil in two products: Revive Anti-Aging Serum and Radiance Body Oil. We use unrefined hemp in our products to ensure the highest quality, efficacy, and purity. These products harness the anti-aging and moisturizing benefits of hemp oil to help support dry, sensitive, and allergenic skin.

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