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Know Your Skin

I have long suffered from sensitive-skin problems.  When I was a teenager, I had severe eczema; when I was 16, I developed cystic acne (after recovering from the chicken pox), which has haunted me ever since. For decades, I lived at the dermatologist’s office and tried more cleansers, creams and prescription medicines than could fit in my medicine chest. It was a real chore to find anything that helped me. That was because I needed help identifying the underlying causes, along with the topical ones.

I realize now that I know my skin better than anyone else — I can best figure out what helps me the most. As my SIQ (Skin IQ) improved, I became able to identify the products and methods that make my skin happy (and less dry, less stretched, less red, less irritated). I also have learned how external factors (weather, diet, stress) affect my skin.

A long-time creature of habit when it comes to skincare and makeup, I am always hesitant to change my routines or products — in fear of the worst. I realized about 10 years ago that if I wash my face every night, my skin gets irritated. So I chose to focus on my morning rituals, using Cetaphil facial cleanse, Laura Mercier makeup, Maybelline mascara, and Chanel moisturizer.

I also began drinking more water, eating a low-carb diet, and exercising every day (mostly my dogs walking me). My skin looked better, but I didn’t realize that it could be even happier. 

I was introduced to Nathalie and Lisa, co-founders of Starling Skincare, and they gave me samples to try. They also taught me much more than I knew about skincare. At first I was hesitant to try the new products, worried that I would upset my skin’s balance. But after learning about Starling’s all-natural products, I decided to jump in head-first, starting with the CALM facial cleanser. A few weeks later, I noticed something: My face and skin looked happier! Inspired, I tried more and more of Starling’s products, including REVIVE serum and the Lemon Bergamot deodorant, and reaped the benefits of quality products, created individually, that are all-natural and toxin-free. You know the song Happy? Whenever I hear it, I imagine Pharrell is singing about his experience with Starling products.

Lisa and Nathalie created Starling out of a necessity to solve their own skincare challenges. I admire their passion and resolve to create products that aid those with allergies and sensitivities. Months later — with skin happier, fresher and calmer than ever — I am now VP of marketing, thrilled at the chance to help other people discover Starling.

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