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An Oil Cleanse How To: With Revive Anti-Aging Serum


Revive Oil Cleanse

A super easy spring skin renewal hack is to use your Revive Serum for an oil cleanse. You only need a few drops of this versatile face oil to properly cleanse your whole face and improve dull skin immediately. Upon completing an oil cleanse, your skin will feel softened, brighter and thoroughly cleansed.


Here's how:

• Take about 5 drops of Revive and warm onto hands.

• Massage on face (it is OK to use this oil on the eye area).

• Let sit for a few minutes to soak in all the organic botanical ingredients. They will soften dry dead skin cells and make them easier to remove.

• Wet a washcloth in warm water – not too hot. Wring out excess water.

• Place cloth on face and let sit for a minute. (You could also do this in a steamy shower to help facilitate more pore cleansing and exfoliation.)

• Gently wipe off oil and excess dead skin.

• Follow with your fave Starling cleanser for a very thorough clean.