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Are all Starling products non-allergenic?

We can't say that our products are non-allergenic, because allergies can be formed for any ingredient known to mankind! There are people out there who are allergic to water! Yes, that is a thing ... that said, we have taken deliberate care to eliminate the most common allergens from all of our products. That is why we always ask that you spot test products prior to use, and discontinuing use if you ever develop a rash. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if one of our products doesn't work for you - for any reason.

I don't have an allergy problem. Why should I still use Starling products?

This is the best question. You may not have an allergy that prohibits you from using other brands but Starling is still very good for you to use! Why? We are clean and free of irritants. We don't use pore clogging oils (all oils we use are rated a 2 or below on the comedogenic scales). We don't use harsh ingredients that strip your skin. We avoid alcohols. Starling products are designed to encourage your skin be its best version of itself - glowing, moisturized and healthy. Hope this helps!

Are Starling products natural?

We strive to use the cleanest and purest naturally occurring ingredients, sourced from botanicals. Very few of our ingredients are chemically altered, and if they are, we are careful to ensure they still meet our very high natural skincare standards. What makes us special as a "clean beauty" brand is our devotion to removing the most common allergens and irritants.

Starling is a "small batch" brand. What does that mean? What is the shelf life of your products?

Small Batch skincare means that your product has a very small footprint, created and packed by a small team; and made to order based on your needs. Since we are selling products direct to consumer, we have an unusual advantage to be able to create products and fulfill your orders on the spot. Because of this, as the product reaches your hands it will have the maximum shelf life as below by category:

Deodorants and Lip Balms 12 months

Multitaskers 12 months

Skincare 4 months

Just please ensure your products are stored in a cool and dry location. We cannot guarantee the stability of our products if they are exposed to high temperatures.

Where are your products made?

All products are proudly made in the USA - CT to be exact! Our production space is small and very nimble to accommodate our special production model.ย 

Where do your source your ingredients from?

Most of our ingredients are sourced within the United States, in order to ensure the highest level of transparency and safety. Where our ingredients are sourced internationally, we take care to ensure we have a COA giving us the specifications of an ingredient, and transparent sourcing documents. Our ingredients are also sourced ensuring there is no cross-contamination with our never list of allergens.

Do you use organic ingredients?

Understanding the value of organics ourselves, we strive use organic ingredients as much as we possibly can. When we use ingredients that are not organic, they are still sourced from companies that still employ clean, sustainable and eco-friendly farming methods.

Do you test on animals?

Our team has lots of 4-legged furry friends. Therefore, our products and ingredients are only tested on humans!

Where can I buy your products?

Right now, our products can be found exclusively on our site. By controlling our distribution as a direct to consumer brand, we are able to bring you the best products, best price and focus on exceptional quality.

Do you offer samples?

We love to have new customers discover our products, but sadly we are unable to provide free samples, due to the high expense of shipping and production. We do offer a very generous satisfaction guaranteed policy and along with free shipping, you have nothing to lose. We hope you'll give us a try!

Where do you ship your products?

Right now, we ship to the all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. As we expand, we will expand our shipping range. Watch for these updates or contact us with questions. Please note shipping to Canada, PR and Hawaii will take additional time.

When will my order ship?

We ship orders every day (M-F) and need 2 business days to process and ship your order out. You will receive an email from Starling when your shipping labels have been printed and your order is scheduled to ship. Our free-shipping offer is for 3 day delivery for orders over $20.ย  You can of course opt to pay for shipping if you would like a sooner delivery.