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We're More Than Clean Beauty

What happens when you keep trying to find the right skincare but never do? For good friends Lisa and Nathalie, the frustration meant taking matters into their own hands.

Lisa Larson Murphy & Nathalie Yavonditte Co-Founders

Starling’s backstory was born out of its co-founders’ special skincare needs and their shared desire to use clean, chemical-free ingredients. Lisa had chronic immune deficiencies, sensitive skin, and numerous food allergies; Nathalie faced her own allergy struggles due to chemicals used in products. Both experienced highly sensitized skin and were prone to nasty stuff such as chronic eczema and dermatitis.

But despite several years of trying different products, neither Lisa nor Nathalie was able to find skincare that worked for them — even in the clean beauty space. Something needed to change, and they decided to be that change. The result is Starling Skincare, a company designed for people with sensitive and allergenic skin who want clean, plant-based solution-focused products that work.

 We eliminate all common allergens and potential irritants. We also eliminate an exhaustive list of toxins. We source ingredients that are critical to improving the skin's health and aiding its repair. We ensure optimal skin-barrier support is the main function of every product we make.

Starling products are always cruelty-free and made with ethically sourced ingredients. Because we are water-free and plant-based, our skincare is good for you and good for the planet, too.

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Clean, Plant-based + Organic
Made For Sensitive Skin
Small Batch Production
Cruelty Free
Woman Owned and Operated
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Our allergen exclusions | We never use the following known allergens in any of our formulations: Peanuts, Tree Nuts (Including Shea Butter), Gluten (No Wheat, Rye, Barley or By-Products), Oats, Soy, Dairy, Sesame Seed Oil, Avocado Oil.

Our chemical and harmful ingredient exclusions | We never use synthetic fragrances, retinyl palmitate, detergents, dyes, drying alcohols, toluene, pore-clogging emollients, mineral oil, ethanol, propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones or BPAs, formaldehyde, carcinogens, triclosan, aluminum, phenoxyethanol, hydroquinone, coal-tar derivatives, PEGS, PFAS, BHA, BHT, animal byproducts.

We also eliminate all potential irritants from our formulations, making our products some of the safest, most nourishing skincare you will ever experience.