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Aquarius Season 2022: Embrace Your Superpowers

Happy Aquarius Season!ย 

On January 19th, 2022 the Sun moved into the futuristic galaxies of Aquarius, the Air sign ruled by Uranus. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, genius, innovation, the instinct to express truth. Aquarius carries these traits as well.

Coming off the heels of Capricorn season, the energy has been serious, heavy, and restrictive. Saturn rules Capricorn and is the planet of maturity, responsibility, and limitation. Aquarius is an Air sign and brings with it a breath of fresh air & lightness.

This transit allows us to tap in more easily to our inner genius. The sun is shining on the Aquarian aspects of ourselves - the things that make us unique, our authenticity, our gifts - marching to the beat of our own drum.

Aquarius is the 11th sign and rules the 11th house areas of life - friends, community, technology, innovation, hopes & dreams. Aquarius is a natural rebel, seeking freedom from the conventions and rules of society. We all have Aquarius somewhere in our natal chart.

During this transit, keep a journal of all the ideas that you have as this is a time of heightened creativity and innovation. Let your imagination wander, no idea is too out there with Aquarius season.

With Mercury currently retrograde in Aquarius, this message of uniqueness and individuality is emphasized. Asking ourselves where we've conformed and repressed our voice and unique ideas out of fear being seen as different or failing...

Aquarius season's reminder to all of us: there is no one else like you and that is your superpower. The world needs your unique gifts and when you show up as your most authentic self, you allow others to do the same.