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Cancer Risk: Are Traditional Antiperspirants Worth It?

Our quick and short answer is “no”.

You might have heard the news last week that two large antiperspirant brands, Old Spice and Secret, were recalling some of their spray antiperspirants because they were found to contain trace amounts of benzene. Benzene is a toxic chemical that is easily inhaled and absorbed through the skin. It’s also a cancer-causing agent.

Scary stuff.

Our plea to all of you: Be conscious of what is in your personal-care products. Your health is what matters to you, your family, and your friends. That’s why Starling deodorants (and all of our products) are toxin-free — our goal from the start has been to create effective products that are safe to use.

Here are the ingredients you will never find in Starling products: Synthetic fragrances, retinyl palmitate, detergents, dyes, drying alcohols, toluene, pore-clogging emollients, mineral oil, ethanol, propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones or BPAs, formaldehyde, carcinogens, triclosan, aluminum, phenoxyethanol, hydroquinone, coal-tar derivatives, PEGS, PFAS, BHA, BHT, animal byproducts. No benzene, either.

We also eliminate all potential irritants from our formulations, making our products some of the safest, most nourishing skincare you will ever use.

If you ever need a comprehensive refresher on what to avoid in your personal-care products, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a great resource.

P.S. On this Giving Tuesday, we’re raising awareness for a great cause and facilitating donations to The Breast Cancer Alliance.