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do natural deodorants work?

A question many people ask ... do Natural Deodorants work?  We've tried almost all of the brands out there, and the majority of them do not work. How are we judging their success (or failure)? Easy - there are three factors we look for: Odor control, texture, and the need to reapply.

do natural deodorants work

We had many people try our deodorant before we launched. We targeted people who were already using natural deodorants. Every one of them preferred ours. It went on smoother, kept them smelling fresher longer, and kept them dry. We also asked people who used commercial, non-natural deodorants containing aluminum to try our products. The majority said the deodorant did not keep them dry enough, but that it did keep them smelling fresh.

There's a reason for that. Many people (especially those using non-natural deodorants) do not realize there is a transition period that needs to take place when someone switches from a synthetic deodorant to a natural deodorant. When your underarm sweat glands are used to being unnaturally blocked by the aluminum found in most commercial deodorants, your glands do not create sweat. For your body, that's a false positive. Deodorant chemicals create unnatural effects and may carry potential health risks. Your underarm area is a direct portal to your glands, so anything you put there will enter your bloodstream quickly.

When switching to a natural deodorant, your body over-compensates at first; as a result, you may sweat more than usual. This is because your sweat glands are opening (which is a good thing). Don't give up if you don't like the results right away. You may need to reapply a few times a day at first to feel comfortable. It will take time before your body adjusts and the product works fully. Once you have gotten through the transition period, you will be able to wear your natural deodorant fearlessly. Of course, we're biased. We want you to be wearing Starling.


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