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Get to Know Lisa!

Hi, I’m Lisa, a co-founder of Starling along with my friend Nathalie. I’m excited that you are here and checking out our website!

Yes, I know, there are a TON of “clean beauty” brands out there, and so you may be wondering what’s different about Starling and why should you use our products.

Here’s why: Most brands that call themselves clean use nut oils (including shea butter) and other allergenic ingredients. Many use ingredients that contain gluten or are derived from ingredients which are chemically stripped of gluten. Also, some clean beauty brands contain preservatives that can be irritants.

If you have allergies or sensitivities, your skin won’t be fooled. Mine certainly wasn’t. My big sensitivities are to nuts (all of them), gluten, and a few chemical preservatives, including phenoxyethanol. For several years, I went on a fruitless search to find skincare products that wouldn’t cause irritation. Even after inspecting ingredient lists like a detective, most of the brands that I initially thought were safe for me turned out not to be. My skin didn’t lie: It was reactive and angry; red with rosacea; a constant source of stress and disappointment.

One day I expressed my frustration while talking with Nathalie, with whom I had worked for several years at a retail company in New York. During the conversation, she mentioned her own struggles trying to find clean skincare that wouldn’t touch off her rosacea. Before hanging up, we vowed to create the type of skincare products that we ourselves could never find.

We wanted to remove toxins. We wanted to say adios to preservatives. We wanted to eliminate any trace of nuts or gluten or soy. We wanted natural ingredients. We wanted healthy, glowing skin.

From that shared mindset, Starling was born.

For the next two years we researched and developed, working with ingredients to put together a product line that would not only be safe for others with allergies and sensitivities but also great for those searching for some of the cleanest skincare available. With Starling, we are bringing the results of this targeted work to you!

Our mission is to provide premium skincare products that offer a better and safer approach to customers who suffer from allergies (or those who just have a passion for clean beauty). Every item will be produced in small batches to ensure quality, freshness, and attention to detail.

Why does clean skincare matter? Because many people have food or environmental allergies and remain unaware of the connection to their skin. Allergies can be extremely personalized — one person might be allergic to peanuts and yet be fine eating almonds (not me!). Some people with gluten allergies can cheat and have a piece of cake without suffering the consequences (again, not me).

Starling removes the guesswork for anyone with a nut, gluten, or soy allergy, or a fragrance sensitivity. Next up for us will be two amazing facial cleansers and then facial serums. And after that, more body care products. All clean, all safe. We’re happy you are here now and we will do everything we can to make Starling customers feel safe, clean, and well taken care of.

— Lisa