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Leo Season Has Arrived – Your August Horoscopes Are Here

We are over the moon excited to introduce Brigitte, our Starling go-to for astrology. She's also a Starling muse – she makes regular appearances on our insta feed too!

Brigitte is an Astrologer and a Dharma Certified Spiritual Life & Soul Purpose Coach. Empowering her clients through natal chart readings & much more, Brigitte is living her soul purpose (dharma) through helping others remember their innate worth, inner power and strength. Astrology is an incredible modality for heightened self-awareness, empowered self-healing, and living a more aligned and meaningful life. It is Brigitte’s deepest of passions & greatest of joys to share her knowledge of astrology with humanity, so that each person is inspired, equipped, and empowered with the tools of self-awareness and self-love that Astrology so lovingly provides.

Brigitte will create a Starling monthly blog about what’s going on with the stars so that you can make the most of the cosmic energy and usher in increased prosperity, success, love, adventure, and all the blessings.



Ahh Leo, Leo, Leo. Arguably the most famous of all the signs in the Zodiac and understandably so. It couldn’t be more fitting that the sign that loves notoriety, attention, praise and applause is the most well-known. The King/Queen, the Lion/Lioness, the Actor/Actress, Leo is ruled by the Sun, a fire sign notorious for its confidence, grandeur, passion, courage, creativity and self-expression. As the archetype of the Lion, Leo embodies the traits of its’ golden maned archetype through its bravery, strength, courage and go out there & get em’ confidence. Like the sun shines, so does Leo. The higher octaves of the sign are that of generosity, warmth, kindness, and joy, while some of the shadow aspects of the sign can show up as selfishness, stubbornness, impatience, domination and possessiveness.

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac, here they are in order: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Leo is the 5th sign and therefore also naturally rules the 5th house. Just like there are 12 signs, there are 12 houses that correspond to them – Aries rules the 1st house, Taurus the 2nd, Gemini the 3rd, Cancer the 4th, Leo the 5th, and so on until you reach Pisces, the 12th sign and the 12th house. You can think of the houses in Astrology as the flavoring. Each house has its own flavor, its own theme. The 5th house, ruled by Leo, is the house of play, creativity, expression, romance, adventure, and children. It’s the house of art, acting, theatre, drama, and self-expression. All eyes on me, center of attention, “I’ve arrived” vibes.

As the sun makes it way through one of the 12 zodiac signs once a month, Leo bestows its fiery, passionate, and fun energy upon us once a year from July 22nd – August 22nd. After an emotional cancer season, the energy of Leo is a much-needed spark of warm fiery energy.

Leo season energy invites us to take bold risks, to enjoy life, to shine like the Sun, to be seen and heard, to be courageous, to play, flirt, laugh, and release the inner child and be free. We feel ignited to move towards our dreams now, to take risks that will pay off, to try something new, and to be bold and have fun while doing it!

See below for how Leo season will affect each sign. Check Rising first, then Sun and Moon

Aries Rising/Sun/Moon: Feeling extra creative, start that project, passionate love, pleasure is the name of the game, enjoy your life, relax & let your hair down, play, have fun, run in the rain, let your inner child free

Taurus Rising/Sun/Moon: Spend time with family & friends, open up, express yourself to those closest to you, let yourself be truly seen, a good time to have difficult conversations, open yourself up and receive the love that's waiting for you, let others support you, birthing new ideas and versions of yourself into the world

Gemini Rising/Sun/Moon: Feeling bold in sharing what's on your mind, lots of energy, communication can be fiery, direct and impulsive, think before you speak, lots of creative ideas coming to the surface wanting to be shared and expressed, write them down, creative ways of thinking, a new amazing idea is brewing, this could be big

Cancer Rising/Sun/Moon: Money honey, using your creative talents and gifts to create a life of abundance for yourself, wanting to be seen and heard, speaking up, sharing your gifts with the world, a spark of courage and bravery to express yourself, let others witness and receive you, your gifts are medicine, you are so worthy

Leo Rising/Sun/Moon: This is your time, "I've arrived" vibes, a bold spark of self-expression, increased courage & bravery, wanting to be around others & laugh, generosity & joy flowing through you now, allowing yourself to shine & to take up space, boldly going after what you want, makeover, try something new with your appearance, be loud & bold

Virgo Rising/Sun/Moon: A time of introspection, going inwards and thoughtfulness, taking time to recharge and be alone with yourself, let's the seeds germinate, get intentional, connect to spirit guides, ancestors and angels for support, keep a dream journal, this is a time of manifesting your dreams and goals

Libra Rising/Sun/Moon: Inspired to figure out your life purpose, called to activism, wanting to help others in some way, feeling inspired by your community and friends, fairness and justice, wanting to make the world a better place, creating an online community, standing up for what you believe in, letting your voice be heard, speaking up for others

Scorpio Rising/Sun/Moon: Wanting to make changes in your career, feeling fed up with the daily rise & grind, deep gut feeling that there is something so much grander out there waiting for you, wanting to be your own boss, boldly taking risks in your career, stepping out on stage, launching something, fueled by ambition and making your dreams come to life

Sagittarius Rising/Sun/Moon: Desiring to get away, to travel, expansion and growth is on the horizon, book that trip and don't look back, open your mind, share your knowledge and wisdom with others, get on that soap box and speak from your heart, the world is your oyster, not everyone is supposed to agree with you, ruffle some feathers if need be, haters gonna hate

Capricorn Rising/Sun/Moon: Deep transformative encounters, other people’s money, business success, soul mate connections, twin flame vibes, shallow connections won't do, getting to the bottom of things, transformation, deep diving into astrology, tarot readings, let the old burn away, phoenix rising from the ashes, releasing what no longer serves, you are being reborn

Aquarius Rising/Sun/Moon: A new lover could be in your midst, or if you're in a relationship expect some excitement & passion, partnership is top of mind, letting your quirkiness shine & your freak flag fly, someone will love you for you, extra charming right now, you have so much to offer, you are perfect just the way you are, re-download those dating apps or mingle irl, you're a magnet for love

Pisces Rising/Sun/Moon: Your routine needs a makeover, add a little spice to your life, get out of your comfort zone and try something new, health + wellness takes center stage this month, an opportune time to adopt a furry friend, devote yourself to something, take care of yourself, self-care is important (always)

**For more astrology content and to book a reading with Brigitte, you can find her on Instagram: @astrologyapplied_