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Libra season is here!

Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house - the house of marriage, committed relationships, business partnerships, contracts, and property. Ruled by Venus (the planet of love + money), Libra is a cardinal air sign whose glyph is two scales, representing the need for equilibrium and harmony.

The archetypes associated with Libra are that of the diplomat, the lawyer, the judge, the advocate, the lover. Libra is a naturally gifted mediator, negotiator, and debater.
On September 22nd, the sun joins the planets Mercury (the planet of communication) and Mars (the planet of action) in the sign of Libra, where it will remain until October 22nd. Libra season begins on the same day as the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, ushering in Autumn and a noticeable shift in energy.

During Libra season, we will experience Mercury Retrograde from September 27-October 18, marking the 6th planet to be in retrograde at this time. The other planets currently in retrograde are Jupiter (growth), Saturn (responsibility), Pluto (transformation), Neptune (spirituality), Uranus (rebellion).

The invitation that Libra season brings, especially with Mercury in retrograde, is to strike a balance between our external commitments and taking care of ourselves. Burnout is very real and knowing when to say no to something and prioritizing your health + wellbeing is a Libra season lesson. There is a desire to say yes now to everything and everyone, to go out and be with friends, but also spending time alone for inner reflection and peace will maintain balance and harmony. It's also a great time to consider finding balance in your every day routines – including skincare. With the weather changing, your skin deserves some extra consideration for the upcoming colder months.Β 

Venus ruled Libra is naturally inclined towards a desire for aesthetic, beauty, the arts, romance, and love.

Collectively, there will be a feeling in the air of wanting to be swept off our feet - to feel desired, loved and adored. As the weather gets cooler, in classic Libra style, we want to cozy up and cuddle with a special someone in a luxurious blanket and a nice glass of wine in a candle-lit room by a fireplace. It is all about aesthetic and the finer things with this Venusian air sign. Libra season asks us to enjoy life, slow down, take care of ourselves and prioritize our peace. Then from this whole place, we will find what we're looking for.

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