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Oil-Based Skincare For Oily Skin? Not As Crazy As It Sounds.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a greaseball. Yes, a greaseball.

I would wash my hair in the morning and by five o’clock in the evening it looked as if I hadn’t showered in a week. 

I could have my hair tied up and wear a tank top, shorts and flip-flops and still be sweating as though my outfit was designed for winter in Norway.

My skin was no different.

I would wash my face in the morning, put on an oil-controlling foundation, cake on powder, and still be oily after a few hours. Not only that, but my skin was red and bumpy, with huge pores akin to an orange peel.

During my tween and teen years, I remember hearing the constant rhetoric surrounding oily skin. Commercials would promote water-based products as better for oily skin. Beauty store employees advised me to use water-based products. Influencers told me to stay away from oil-based products. So, naturally, that’s what I did.

At the time, it made sense to me. Oil in my products would mean even more oily skin ...

... or so I thought.

As the years progressed, I learned more and more about skincare and did my own research into what was best for my skin. Through this research, I discovered that the heavily chemical-based products I used were stripping my skin of its natural oils. As a result, my poor skin would overcompensate —making me extra oily! 

Even after learning this new information, I was still hesitant to try anything oil-based. All those years of mental conditioning had left me terrified to even LOOK at oil-based or oil-containing products. Truthfully, the only thing I did differently after learning about my awful skincare regime was switch to slightly better and more natural (but definitely still water-based and oil-free) skincare products. 

Unsatisfied with the results, I got up the courage (finally) to trust my research and try all-natural products that contained oil. A few months ago I began using Starling Skincare’s Calm Cleanser. This cleanser is made with Kaolin Clay and natural oils that help reduce redness while cleansing the skin. I can truly say that this cleanser has changed my life! I use it every single day without fail. My face is also less oily throughout the day! That’s not all though …

I’ve also begun using Starling’s Revive Serum. This serum is a GAME CHANGER. As a former chemical queen, I was skeptical about a serum consisting of just oils. All of the serums I was familiar with had crazy long ingredient lists that I couldn’t even read. When looking at the Revive Serum, I remember thinking to myself, “How are all these oils going to actually be helpful for my skin?” Well, let me tell you how.

I rarely use additional moisturizer. Following the Calm Cleanser with just a few drops of Revive Serum is enough moisture for me now and, get this, I’m not ridiculously oily halfway through my day either! 

My redness has seriously been reduced as well. The Calm Cleanser targets this, but I believe the Revive Serum has helped reduce it as well.

In addition, the texture of my skin has begun to smooth out. Typically, my skin has huge pores and a bumpy texture here and there. I also tend to break out with patches of acne. Since using Starling’s products, my pores are less noticeable, less acne, and my skin is much smoother! 

The bottom line? I should not have waited so long to try oil-based products. But I am thrilled to have discovered Starling Skincare. This brand’s natural products are truly amazing and definitely worth it!