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Our Sleep Ritual


There's a lot going on right now. Are you feeling run down lately? Yeah, us too. 

As women we often take care of others first – but self-care is important, too. Quality sleep is one of the keys to staying healthy. Not getting enough sustained, quality sleep? You can boost your mood and immune system with these easy and sleep-inducing steps:

  • POUR: A generous handful of Arnica Bath and a bit of Radiance Body Oil under warm running water for a relaxing, restorative bath. 
  • SOAK, MEDITATE + BREATHE: For at least 20 minutes. 
  • DRINK: Lots of water and a cup of Good Night Tea.
  • RETREAT: Rub Sleep Balm on pulse points, hands and feet, then breathe in deeply.
  • SLEEP: Tight and good night.

Let’s all be safe, kind, and understanding in these uncertain times. Take care of yourself. Love Starling. 💛