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Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine (and more).

Locking down ... isolating ... sheltering in place — whatever you call it, we are all living life differently these days. While it's nice to spend more time with family and pets, containment can leave you wondering what to do next.

In other words, it’s a great time to examine the things you’re too busy to delve into on a normal basis — like your skincare routine. Interested in spring cleaning your skincare regimen? Here are some tips:

Read The Ingredients

Take a close look at your skincare labels. It's good to toss any products that contain:

  • Synthetic Fragrance - It sensitizes skin and is a main cause of allergic reactions to products.
  • SLS - A chemically derived surfactant and a known irritant.
  • Synthetic preservatives - Parabens are nasty; evidence links them to the development of cancer.

If you have sensitive or allergenic skin, a general rule of thumb is to use products with a shorter list of clean ingredients. Fewer ingredients means less chance of a reaction; fewer ingredients also makes it much easier to identify any potential cause of reactions. 

Renew The Glow

Now's the time to take skincare steps you may have relaxed on during fall/winter.

  • Exfoliate (gently). One to two times a week for sensitive skin is all you need. Our cleansers lightly exfoliate and can also be used as a mask on slightly damp skin.
  • Lighten up – on your moisturizer, that is. At this time of year, skin begins to produce more oil and doesn't need a heavy cream.
  • Use a serum. Your skin needs the antioxidants and fatty acids for repair and replenishment. Super Boost and Revive are just what you need!

    What now you ask? Need to feel productive again after scouring your skincare and reclaiming your glow? Then it’s time to engage in some spring cleaning. You can make it a group affair and keep kiddos, spouses and partners involved —all at the same time if you want to get done faster.

    Here’s how I did it with my 11-year-old son. I gave him two large cardboard boxes. I asked him to put all of the items that he didn't want any more into one box. This became the DONATE box. Anything else that was either broken or beyond repair went into TRASH box.

    After buying into the process reluctantly, he was thrilled to find things that he thought he had lost. We’re talking games, T-shirts, and a collection of old toy cars. He was pumped. He also felt productive and loved the way his room looked afterwards. Nice to see him beam with pride ... and just as nice for me to look into his room and not cringe.

    Less clutter = more peace of mind. It's an equation that Einstein would have endorsed. Start small — tackle a drawer one weekend and a closet another. All those little projects will add up to an unbeatable sense of calm and inner happiness. 🙏

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