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take care of your skin

Every day should be an opportunity to reflect, breathe and refocus. Take care to live deliberately. We think there's an opportunity to do the same with your skincare!

Lifestyle & Skincare Tips to Take Care of Your Skin

Check out our to-do list for some easy ways to bring on smooth, bright and glowing skin. 

1) Hydrate from within, at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drink a full glass of room temperature water before you eat anything in the morning. It helps to add lemon 🍋 for detoxifying effects. 

2) Eat berries. Raspberries are full of Ellagic Acid, an antioxidant that is healthy for your skin. It protects collagen that keeps skin plump and wrinkles at bay. Our new anti-redness cleanser Calm has red raspberry seed oil in it and will also work hard to protect your collagen, keep your skin plump.
calm natural cleanser

3) Eat foods rich with Lycopene, like juicy watermelon 🍉 , carrots, cabbage, papaya and mango. Adding Lycopene-rich foods to your diet will help reduce inflammation from sun exposure, a bad night’s sleep and pollutants. 

4) Keep your phone clean! Nasties live there! Studies show that phones carry some pretty bad bacteria. That will just irritate your skin and give you uninvited breakouts. 

5) Avoid dairy. Recent research indicates that cow hormones found in dairy products can stimulate oil glands in your pores; ultimately clogging them. 

6) Get your beauty sleep - at least 8 hours, every night. This is the best time for your skin and body to rejuvenate. Our Sleep Balm can totally help you win at this.
sleep balm

7) No matter what, wash your face before bedtime. We recommend (of course) using Starling cleansers! They are allergen free and proven effective. About the ingredients… we take care to use oils used in our skincare products that are low on the comedogenic scale (ALWAYS rated 2 or less!), anti-inflammatory and healing.

8) Apply a hydrating glow balm on your cheekbones - and we happen to have one for you!
hydrating glow balm

9) Don’t touch your face. We all do this without realizing it and it makes your chances for breakouts worse. 

10) Meditate for at least 5 minutes before bedtime and breathe……………..