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Take The Stress Away

Mindful Measures

There is a lot going on. And at the same time – a lot of nothing. It can be jarring to wrap your head around. April is National Stress Awareness Month, and it's a perfect time for all of us to assess the boulder of stress we carry on our backs.

Now more than ever, we need to take a deep breath. Slow down. Release any stress you may be feeling. How? Enjoy the small things in life. Do small things that give good vibes back to you. We've compiled some tips to help you combat stress and live more happily along the way.

It's OK...
To feel scared, sad or even mad right now. If you feel any of these things, allow yourself the time to feel. Then move on.

It's helpful to talk about what you're feeling. Be direct – ask someone you trust to talk and help with working through your feelings.

Another helpful tip: send small messages telling everyone you love them. A meaningful gesture like this can lift your mood.

Sleep Well
While isolating, it's easy to stay up late and not keep the usual schedule. If you make an conscious effort to get 8+ a night and a sleep schedule that works for you, you will reap the benefits. It will help your body reduce stress, inflammation, improve memory – AND – you might just lose some weight. Even though we're a skincare company, sleep is really important to us at Starling. We have some tried and true sleep tools that may help you – including our legendary Sleep Balm. We talk about sleep a lot, and have another great blog that can help you get back on track if you need it. Read it here. Visit our Sleep Shop here.

Breathe Well
Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to practice breathing:

  • Clear your sinus passages before you start and breathe through your nose.
  • Breathe with the diaphragm – feel it expand as you breathe. Stay relaxed while practicing.
  • Feel the sensation of your body detoxing and getting oxygen start to happen.
  • Keep continuity with the breathing cadence and practice regularly for up to 10 minutes at a time. 

Get Moving
Measure how you feel. Tight neck, shoulders and back? Foggy mind? Yep, might be time to get moving.

Take a spin around your neighborhood, workout with your kids, do some yard work. Even a virtual workout. Whatever you do, get out and move. Raising your heart rate is beneficial and helps clear the head. Moving lessens tension and releases endorphins (feel good hormones). Bonus: exercising regularly will not only help you reduce stress levels, it will also improve your skin's glow.

Eat Well
Eating fruits, veggies and whole grains will help you combat stress and feel upbeat. Sugars, alcohol and processed foods can make you sleepy and sluggish, and should be avoided when stress is high.

Feeling like you're new job title is short order cook these days? To make feeding your tribe less like drudgery every day – challenge yourself to trying new recipes in the kitchen. You'll make mealtime more fun for you and interesting for the family too.

Here are a few foods that if eaten will help tame stress and anxiety: Turkey, brown rice, dark chocolate, blueberries and salmon. A perfect meal to help everyone calm down, that everyone will like? Make turkey burgers with sweet potato wedges. Dessert? Dark chocolate pudding. Sure to make you happy. Sure to make everyone sleep well, without worry.

Be calm and carry on. With love, Starling.