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The Beautiful Benefits of Glycerin for Sensitive Skin

Glycerin is one of skincare’s under-appreciated ingredients It’s not sexy or exotic, and it’s definitely not cutting edge. But glycerin is a vital humectant that is the foundation of many different skincare products.

Amazingly, glycerin mimics the skin’s built-in moisturizing factor (NMF), helping to hydrate and moisturize when your own skin can’t get the job done. This super ingredient is compatible with all skin types, making it universally effective. As we age, our NMF becomes depleted. That makes glycerin an essential for aging skin. It’s also a sensitive skin savior, assisting in healing and hydrating.

What is Glycerin? It is a humectant made from vegetable sources (or synthetically). At Starling, we love this ingredient and we definitely think it doesn’t get enough credit for being so naturally effective.

Glycerin’s primary function is to draw moisture from your top layer of skin and pull it into the lower layers. This process keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. While that seems impressive enough to us, glycerin does so much more!
- It protects skin from the elements by creating a thin barrier on top of your skin.
- It lessens redness and helps diminish some types of inflammation.
- It plumps skin and diminishes fine lines.
- It softens skin and gives a real glow.
- It strengthens and improves the skin’s barrier health.
- It makes the other ingredients in your skincare product penetrate the skin’s surface better.
- It’s anti-microbial, making it a true saving grace for wounded skin (from sunburns or regular burns).

If you have oily skin, don’t be afraid when glycerin is the base ingredient for your moisturizer or serum. It’s oil free and moisturizes skin without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin’s barrier – something usually found with oil-based products.

We also love glycerin because it is completely safe and allergen-free (we use a glycerin derived from flax seeds).

Enjoy all the benefits of glycerin in these Starling products: