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The Beauty Of Squalane Oil

It’s amazing that a simple single-ingredient product like Super Dew can be so potent, but it is.

We are often told to think about skincare and how it should be so packed with multiple ingredients in order to be effective. More is, well, MORE. A ton of clean beauty brands even go so far as to claim their products are the best because they contain the MOST ingredients

At Starling, we always build our products on the belief that “more” is only great to a certain point — after that your skin can’t always process an excess of ingredients and still reap the benefits.

And … we always believe simple is best for sensitive skin. That means not too many ingredients and only the most effective actives. A product that contains too many ingredients and can become a landmine for sensitive skin reactions – not good for anyone. Putting fewer ingredients in product formulations has a clear benefit – these products have higher concentrations of the ingredients that do the heavy lifting.

What About Super Dew?

Containing only cold-pressed, plant-derived Squalane oil that is derived from olives. It’s is a hydrogenated version of what our own bodies produce daily – Squalene. As you age, your body’s production of this oil declines. The good news? When Squalane is topically applied, your skin assimilates the oil as if your body had produced it on its own. Squalane oil is a weightless and highly emollient moisturizer that works to mimic the same fatty oil produced by your body’s sebaceous glands, keeping your skin hydrated and nourished and your skin barrier fully intact.

Super Dew is a multitasking wonder that also works as a super-antioxidant and an effective hydrator (goodbye dull and dry skin). Another bonus: Because Starling’s Squalane oil is cold-pressed (along with all the carrier oils we use in our line), your skin is getting the best nutritional value possible. All-natural and toxin-free, our Squalane oil is safe to use and is one of the best reparative products available. Studies show it’s also effective in fending off free-radicals and reversing environmental damage caused by the sun and pollution.

While Super Dew works great for sensitive skin and very dry skin, it is also compatible with all skin types – including acne prone. It’s unlikely to clog pores or cause acne, and it can also fight skin bacteria.

How Do I Use It?

Super Dew is best used as an addition to your normal skincare routine. First, cleanse skin thoroughly and then apply your serum. Follow serum application with a few drops of Super Dew warmed in hands and massaged lightly into your skin. You will notice your skin feels smooth and nourished … not greasy at all. Then – if you need a moisturizer – this is the time to apply.

Another thing we love about using Super Dew, is how it primes the skin for your foundation. Just follow the steps above and it will go on flawlessly, minimizing fine lines.

Super Dew is also really good for your hair. Applying a bit to your ends will make them shine and seal splits. It’s moisturizing, too, so dull locks come to life. Just be cautious: A little bit goes a long way.


Want more? Super Dew can also be used on your cuticles. Since it is non-greasy, you won’t leave oil marks on everything you touch after your nail work.

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