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Virgo Season Is Here

Virgo Season Is Here!

From August 22nd to September 21st, the sun will be in the mutable earth sign Virgo. The archetypes related to Virgo are that of the healer, the martyr, the perfectionist, the analyst, the herbalist, the doula. Virgo, the Virgin (not in the typical sense of the word), is obsessed with the essence of perfectionism and wholeness. Virgo knows there's gold underneath, devotedly searching to uncover that pure essence within itself and helping others discover theirs.

As Virgo rules the 6th house in Astrology, the energetics of the season are imbued with the themes of this house. The 6th house rules health, wellness. diet, daily routine, service, jobs, habits and schedules. Virgo season illuminates these energies for the collective, inviting us to take responsibility for our daily choices and habits, as the secret of our success is found in our daily routines. Virgo asks us to level up, to step into the version of our best selves. Virgo energy probes us to search for a deeper meaning to our life and to discover our purpose.

After the intensity of Leo season, Virgo season asks us to get down to business to implement the grandiose visions birthed in Leo season. Virgo has us pull out the spreadsheets and edit, using facts and figures, analysis and practicality. Virgo wants us to live our best life and with steady effort, discipline, efficiency and devotion, helps us get there.

Virgo season is a great time to get curious about the ingredients in the products you or your family are using, editing out any products that don’t feel in alignment with your health and wellness goals. Clean beauty is quintessential Virgo as the sign is about health, wellness and purification. It’s no surprise that Nathalie, the co-founder of Starling, is a Virgo Rising and has a stellium in Virgo – which means 3 or more planets in that sign! There is a lifelong emphasis for her on clean eating, clean beauty and clean living.

Happy Virgo season loves!

See below for how Virgo season will affect each sign. Check Rising first, then Sun and Moon:

Edit what's no longer serving your highest expression, clean out your closet, prioritize your health, detox the negativity from your life, get real with yourself, take a good long look in the mirror - who is looking back? declutter and recalibrate where need be. It's okay to start over, don't be so hard on yourself. You are worthy no matter what.

Implement a spiritual practice into your daily routine. Integrating meditation, breathwork, yoga, etc into your day to day will reap incredible benefits for you. Spending some time alone will help to clear out the noise. Go inwards and identify what it is you want to manifest into your life. Connect with your spirit guides and angels, the veil is thinner for you now and you can connect more easily

Expand your online presence, join a virtual community, take an online class, get involved in activism and connect to your sense of purpose. A good time to take some stock of who and what you allow into your life. What is the content you are consuming that is having a negative impact on you? Detoxing from friends and situations that are not heathly for you

Sagittarius RISING/SUN: 10th HOUSE
Look at your career and ask yourself if it's serving your highest good or draining you and contributing to feelings of stress, anxiety, and unfulfillment. Are you staying in a job just because its the "safe" and practical thing to do? Are you living your purpose?

Learn something new! Investigating what beliefs you’re holding onto that are close minded, rigid, and judgmental? Open your mind, read something different, take up a new podcast, take a trip somewhere or learn about a new country, religion, topic. Opening up your mind to other view points and possibilities will expand your life and the people you meet.

Letting yourself take more risks, going deep with another person, facing the issue of death as a reality of life, less worrying about your health or about what could go wrong. Allowing your intimate relationships to deepen and sharing your vulnerability with another person. You don't have to do it alone. Other people can't read your mind and nobody is perfect. Are you holding yourself back from meeting someone new because of your rigid standards?

Set boundaries where you need them. Taking responsibility for your own happiness, recognizing where co-dependency might be playing a role in your relationships. Where do you give your power away? Where do you release accountability and blame others? Removing toxic people and relationships from your life. Looking at your own patterns of relating and getting honest about where you engage in toxicity

Health and wellness are a priority, be careful not to over-do it though. There could be a tendency to overly criticize yourself as it relates to your fitness routine, weight, appearance. Health and wellness is important but so is self-acceptance and compassion. A good time to edit out anything in your daily routine that is draining you. Get organized with your schedule and implement a sustainable routine that uplifts your day and that your future self can thank you for..

Playfulness and having fun takes on a more grounded and simple energy. There is a desire to heal with another but also to discern and guard your heart, opening it to those who deserve it. Spend time in nature, have a picnic outside, lay in a hammock with a good book

Organizing your home, de-cluttering your closet, donating clothes and cleaning out your space is very therapeutic now. Release the old, stagnant energy. A clean and organized home will create harmony and balance for you. Family matters can take center stage now. Where do you need to set boundaries? Are there family dynamics that are toxic? What are some of the beliefs you've held onto about yourself that come from your family conditioning? Don't be held captive by the projections of other people.

Learning about anything and everything, you're a sponge for new information! There is a quick wittedness to your mental energy now, a desire to take in as much as possible. The urge to communicate is strong - writing, journaling, sharing your thoughts and opinions can be cathartic. Don't forget though that you have time to learn, make sure to ground yourself and don't over think things to exhaustion.

An excellent time to get spending or finances in order. Increased focus on of money, work, and self-worth. Now is a good time to analyze where you might be filling voids with buying things. Self-love and self-worth take top priority. You are worthy simply because you exist.

–Thoughtfully With Love, Brigitte

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