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When Should Kids Start Using Deodorant?

The basic rule of thumb is super simple – kids need to start wearing deodorant when they start to smell funky. 

By using a natural deodorant instead of an antiperspirant, you help your preteen's body to adjust odors naturally. Give your child an antiperspirant, and what you do is block them from sweating. That can't be good for anyone. Sweating is how our bodies release toxins. Natural deodorant for kids is aluminum-free and allows sweat to still naturally occur, but the antimicrobial ingredients in it kill the smell of the sweat (created by bacteria). 

Think your tween is ready? Need a boy deodorant? Need a girl deodorant? All systems go? Read on for more info and tips on using our natural children's deodorant: 

GET STARTED: Prior to first use, have your tween shower and lather the underarm area with soap. Have him or her use a washcloth and rub gently to help remove any lingering bacteria from the area. Believe it or not, soap will not do the trick on its own. You must gently scrub to remove residue. This should be done once a week to keep residue buildup at bay.

EASY DOES IT: Over-applying does not = better deodorant performance. Three simple swipes under each arm will do. Over-application creates extra moisture, and more sweating 👎. Our twist-bottom design makes Birthday Cake easy for tweens to apply, but make sure they don't twist the deodorant too far up over the applicator. That will help save product and curtail over-applying. 

USE AS NEEDED: During first few weeks of use, your tween may need to reapply our deodorant more than once a day. No need to worry: With continued use, odors subside and the deodorant works like a charm.

ALL CLEAN | NO SMELL! Organic. No synthetic fragrances. Toxin-Free. Cruelty-free (cause we love bunnies and all animals). All the good stuff (food grade, plant-based ingredients). Kid safe deodorant made especially for kids. Congratulations on starting your tween off right with a natural deodorant that works. They'll thank you now — and later.

We've designed our Birthday Cake Deodorant to be fun and appealing to tweens while also working naturally for them. Its fresh vanilla cake scent lingers and keeps your tweens smelling good!