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What Makes Our Natural Deodorant Work So Well?

Here are the standards we let guide us while creating our formula. It had to:

  • Keep you dry
  • Neutralize odor
  • Be safe (aluminum/allergen/toxin free)
  • Smell great
  • Last a long time, with less need to reapply
  • Not cause skin irritation (unlike many traditional antiperspirants and other natural deodorants)

We've been able to meet every challenge on the list, but we went the extra mile wherever possible. For us, it's not enough to just clear out the bad ingredients (toxins/aluminum/allergens & irritants). We did a lot more. We took the good ingredients and made them the best we could find. How? Read on to learn more of what each ingredient does and why our ingredient choices make our product superior.

This is our key wetness-absorption vehicle. Including it in our formulation helps the deodorant “dry down” upon application. We've noticed it gives a better texture than arrowroot powder, which is more commonly used in other brands' natural formulas.

What makes our tapioca powder better than others? For your safety, we source a tapioca that is food-grade. It's also 100% gluten and nut free and packed in a dedicated allergen-free facility. So, for all our allergenic friends, there's no risk for cross contamination!

Mango Butter
This wonder butter (seriously, we love it) keeps your sensitive underarm area moisturized and in prime condition. It also gives you a glide most deodorants can't match. This makes our formula wearable and comfortable. The mango butter is loaded with vitamins A & E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. It keeps your underarm area nourished and healthy by creating a healthier skin barrier. This, in turn, helps alleviate irritations. We meticulously sourced this ingredient to offer you the best quality, while ensuring no cross-contamination of common allergens.

Organic White Beeswax
We didn't want any pesticide residue to find its way into our products. So we opted for organic white beeswax. Why white beeswax? Because it helps alleviate staining of your shirts! And why beeswax instead of a vegan option? Because our research shows the texture of deodorant made with beeswax is preferred, hands down. 

Vitamin E
Little did we know when we started this journey that vitamin E was such a complicated compound to use for skincare when allergies are of concern. Vitamin E is typically sourced from palm, soybean and corn, and the labeling does not need to identify the source of the ingredient. That leads to vitamin E being a tough ingredient for people who suffer from food/contact allergies.

We make it safe by sourcing from one of the most reputable essential oil companies — a company that documents everything for us. Our non-GMO vitamin E is sourced from sunflowers, in Spain. Doesn't that sound nice? Vitamin E is also a known healer of scars and irritation (perfect for razor burns).

Magnesium Hydroxide
An inorganic compound created with a naturally occurring mineral called brucite, magnesium hydroxide is one of the premier warriors in the battle against underarm odor. It doesn't absorb through your skin ... instead, it rests on your skin's surface, constantly fighting odor by killing bad bacteria. Magnesium hydroxide does all this while staying safe and super gentle for you. It's also 100% non-irritating. To up the ante, we use only certified, lab-tested magnesium hydroxide that is free of any allergenic cross-contamination and guaranteed pure.

All of these ingredients are food-grade and plant-based and help create the best all-natural deodorant you will find. Our made-to-order production ensures that these ingredients are super fresh upon arrival!

And what we don’t include …
Our allergen exclusions | We never use the following known allergens in any of our formulations: peanuts, tree nuts (including shea butter), gluten (no wheat, rye, barley or by-products), soy, dairy, sesame seed oil, avocado oil.

Our chemical and harmful ingredient exclusions | We never use synthetic fragrances, retinyl palmitate, detergents, dyes, drying alcohols, toluene, pore-clogging emollients, mineral oil, ethanol, propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones or BPAs, formaldehyde, carcinogens, triclosan, aluminum, phenoxyethanol, hydroquinone, coal-tar derivatives, BHA, BHT, animal byproducts.