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Why Does Our Natural-Deodorant Work So Well?

A friend of mine who uses our deodorant said she had a question for me last Friday. “I’ve used several aluminum-free natural deodorants,” she said. “All the big brands, actually, and none works as well as yours. I can go all day, and it works even without reapplying! What’s different about it that makes it work so well?”

My initial answer was that it was the formula we use — the ingredient concentrations and the deodorant’s completely natural composition. But that’s a fairly vague and easy answer to a much harder (and great) question, so I thought this week we could delve into some of the details about what ingredients make Starling’s deodorants superior.

Essential Oils
Many natural deodorants still include synthetic fragrance. Look out for labels that say “fragrance” or “parfum.” Those words mean that the fragrance is chemically derived and a potential hormone disruptor. Another negative: Synthetic fragrance often is created in a base solution that includes alcohol and can dry out your skin. Definitely a no-no for anyone with sensitive skin.

Starling uses all-natural essential oils that are safer to use and have a scent which lingers beautifully. Our essential oils used have one of the three qualities — healing, anti-bacterial and/or anti-septic — which can improve a deodorant’s performance and effectiveness. Best of all, they are safe for all skin types.

No Water or Glycerin
These are red flags for several reasons. First, they are filler ingredients. If your deodorant includes them in the formulation, it means the deodorant has fewer of the active, odor-fighting ingredients. Second, they also introduce bacteria to the formulation and require a strong preservative to inhibit growth. Adding water is counter-productive to what a deodorant is supposed to do: eliminate wetness. It just doesn’t make sense to use.

No Alcohol
Alcohol is used in many non-natural formulas because it works as an antibacterial agent. We’ve seen some natural formulations that also include alcohol. By nature, most alcohols are drying and also can eradicate your sensitive underarm skin barrier, creating reactions and sensitivity. Our deodorant contains effective and safe antibacterial ingredients, so there’s just no need for alcohol.

Baking Soda + Magnesium
These ingredients neutralize odor effectively in a natural deodorant. Because Starling deodorants are made for sensitive skin, we use a fairly low concentration of baking soda on purpose. We find most people who are sensitive to baking soda can tolerate our deodorants. Why? The lower concentration of baking soda works in tandem with food-grade magnesium (which helps balance your skin’s pH). The result: Less irritation and optimal odor control.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil kills bacteria. It contains fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, which moisturize and protect your skin. It’s a naturally perfect base for a deodorant and well tolerated by most users with sensitive skin.

Are You Extra Sensitive?
No worries … we have solutions! Try our magnesium deodorants: Sensitive (adult formula) and Birthday Cake Sensitive (kid formula – but adults love it too). They both give great odor protection and do the hard work of keeping the underarm skin healthy and nourished.

Co-Founder’s Favorite
“Our Sensitive deodorant is my go-to deodorant this summer,” Lisa said. “I tend to get sensitivity to deodorant quite easily. When I feel the redness come on, I switch it up and use Sensitive. It helps keep my underarm skin comfortable, balanced and healthy … best of all, IT WORKS!”