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Sleep Balm | Calming + Relaxing - starlingskincare
Sleep Balm | Calming + Relaxing

Sleep Balm | Calming + Relaxing

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This problem solving balm is a must have for anyone seeking more calm and restful sleep. Geranium and rosemary essential oils promote a quiet mind. Lavender and cedar wood essential oils promote restful sleep. Organic olive oil and coconut oil ensure that your skin stays moisturized and comfortable.

Massage balm onto your temples, dab beneath your nose, and apply to your chest, feet, hands and/or wrists. After application, inhale deeply and feel the release. This balm has a natural scent that lingers, soothes, and works to keep you relaxed for hours. Use at bedtime or any time you need an extra boost of relaxation.

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Ingredients: coconut oil*, olive oil*, beeswax*, cornstarch, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, rosemary essential oil, cedar wood essential oil, vitamin e*, vetiver essential oil, jojoba oil* (*organic)