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Aging Gracefully – A Wellness Approach

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog focusing on the pros and cons of early Botox.

The result was an influx of comments and suggestions from Starling female customers, many of whom were either using Botox or strongly considering it. These women ranged from their mid-20s to their mid-60s, reminding us that the desire to look younger cuts across a wide swath of ages.

It makes sense. Our society’s emphasis on youth and beauty is not only connected to attractiveness but also to perceived capability — particularly in the workplace.

Women are more likely to age out of their industries — especially if those industries are appearance-driven fields such as fashion or media –faster than men. Many older female workers have experienced this first-hand, and younger female workers have taken notice of what the future might hold.

It’s no surprise then that a rising number of women in their 20s and 30s have already resorted to Botox and other anti-aging dermatological measures to stall the aging process. While I believe there are better ways for younger women to address aging, their decision is completely understandable.

Aging gracefully is always an option. What does that mean? It means living your best life and accepting the aging process, while taking care of your inner and outer self.

Want some help with aging that doesn’t require a needle? Here are a few ways to slow down aging naturally, and feel your best:

1. Get some magnesium: Known for maintaining heart health, improving energy levels, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and use as an all-around longevity tool. Magnesium is also great for getting sound sleep. Our bodies lose magnesium as we age, so supplementation is necessary later in life to reap the benefits of this super mineral. Take a bath with Starling's Arnica Bath Soak ... it's made with magnesium.

2. Add fish oil: Naturally anti-inflammatory, fish oil protects skin health, deters premature aging, and improves heart health.

3. Don't forget antioxidants: Eating foods (blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, raisins) rich in antioxidants protects your skin from free radicals (responsible for breaking down collagen and causing aging).

4. Drink Water: Drink as much as you need to avoid feeling dehydrated. Hint: You probably need to drink more than you realize. If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Our recommendation: Don’t just drink when you’re thirsty. Drink water regularly throughout the day and you’ll see improvement in your skin’s elasticity and a decrease in dark under-eye circles.

5. Get happy. Find your every day joy. A walk in the woods. An hour in solitude. An hour with someone you love. Whatever you do, leave the problems of the day behind and focus on this moment and nothing else.

6. Breathe: Conscious deep breathing and mind cleansing for even just 20 minutes a day can help erase the oxidative effects of stress. Read our blog on how to do breathe and meditate effectively in your busy day.

7. Sleep: Do everything you can to sleep deeply, regularly. Take a look at our in depth sleep blog for ideas on how to get the perfect 8 every night.

8. Keep a healthy body weight: Regular exercise helps keep weight down and is a known reducer of oxidative stress.

9. Do an herbal liver cleanse: It resets your metabolism and eliminates toxin buildup.

10. Get a natural, clean and irritant-free skincare routine: We say it all the time — Known toxins and allergens can irritate your skin and cause inflammation. Adopting a gentle and clean skincare routine will improve your skin's barrier health with an infusion of fatty acids and vitamins. Shop and learn more about our skincare collection, here.

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