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Why You Need A Botanical Skincare Boost

Familiar and beautiful natural scents have been used for centuries to foster feelings of well-being. Did you know botanical scenting also can be therapeutic? If your memory is falling flat or you are feeling down, botanical scents can calm, uplift, energize, and help you focus. What’s even better is many of the beautifully scented oils are therapeutic for sensitive skin. Read on to see how you can benefit from using them:

Relax and Forget Your Worries:
LAVENDER (Lavendula augustifolia)
Time and  again, lavender has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety, calm the mind (and central nervous system), and induce sleep. The ultimate meditative tool, lavender can be used anytime you want to go deep. Apply topically and you can reduce redness and acne and tackle fine lines. Looking for lavender? Try Sleep, our Hand Sanitizer or Savior.

Reach Your Goal:
SWEET ORANGE (Citrus sinensis)
When you need to stay positive and motivated, sweet orange is your go-to oil. It is an effective multitasking essential, uplifting and comforting at the same time. Apply on pulse points, inhale deeply, and relax. Then focus on your intention and get it done. Sweet orange is an anti-bacterial agent that also boosts circulation when used topically. Our Uplift multitasking balm or deodorant to get that boost you are looking for!

Forgive And Forget:
YLANG YLANG (Cananga odorata)
Post dust-up, inhaling this sweet scent will brighten your mood and calm blood pressure. Used on your skin, Ylang Ylang can reduce oiliness and prevent inflammation, making it perfect for balancing skin. Our beautiful smelling and highly effective Calm cleanser is found here.

Improve Memory and Focus:
LEMON (Citrus x limon)
Use lemon essential oil to revitalize your ability to concentrate and clear memory blockages. This sunny fresh scent can also clear a room of any heavy energy, making it a must-have these days. Used in deodorants, it is an efficacious anti-microbial that keeps bacteria at bay. Lemon is used in our Lemon Bergamot deodorant and the super amazing Arnica Bath Soak.

Feel Confident:
JASMINE (Jasminum sambac)
A beautiful and intoxicating exotic floral scent that increases feelings of confidence and boosts positivity. Also excellent fostering a romantic vibe, when you need it. Topically, it serves well as an antiseptic, for skin regeneration, and is soothing for eczema and problem skin. You can find intoxicating Jasmine here: Uplift and Nurture

Fall In Love:
ROSE (Rosa damascena)
Often called the Queen of Oils, rose is the ultimate feel-good scent. Use it to spark feelings of romance and love or to ease anxiety, induce sleep and even tame a headache. When applied to skin, rose oil goes to work as an antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory ... plus, it's highly moisturizing. What's not to love? Find it here: Super Boost

What we do: Starling Skincare uses only botanical ingredients for scenting. We never use synthetic fragrances, making our products perfect for sensitive skin and for kids. We use botanical ingredients to help treat sensitive skin issues naturally and without chemicals. Take a look at some of our most beloved botanical products: