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Glow Like A French Girl

As you may or may not know, today is Bastille Day, a national holiday in France that commemorates the storming of the Bastille (a state prison) on July 14, 1789. 

The successful takeover of the Bastille, which had come to represent the authoritarian rule of the monarchy, marked the start of the French Revolution and the beginning of the end for absolute monarchy in France.

With democracy came an increased awareness of several things that people associate with France: Art, food, wine, cheese, culture, and fashion. And then there are the French women and their seemingly effortless style.

In celebration of Bastille Day, we asked our own French girl, Starling co-founder Nathalie (born in France into a family that had lived there for generations), about that effortless style.

“It starts with skincare,” said Nathalie. “A dash of color here, a flicker of glimmer there … the French woman’s beauty formula is pretty fool-proof.”

“The key is to maintain great skin … by using a skincare routine that isn’t too hard to follow.”

One of Nathalie's go-to products these days is Starling's Revive Face Serum: A glow-inducing serum that sinks right in and leaves a flattering dewy finish. After that, she uses Starling's blush lip balm, applying it to her cheeks and lips to create a natural, healthy look.

Another one of her favorites is Starling's Radiance body oil — she loves the soft citrusy scent and the product keeps her skin soft and glowing … perfect for summer.

“Once you have that glowing and healthy looking skin, it makes it easier to achieve that undone elegance, known as the French girl look,” said Nathalie.

Another tip: “Invest in a few quality clothing pieces that can work back to multiple items, like a tailored black blazer, well-cut denim, and booties and heels that are both classic and cool.

“Simple tees and button-front shirts are a staple,” added Nathalie. “Summer printed dresses and jumpers, not too short or too tight.  Scarves, cross-body bags, straw hats, and small gold hoop earrings … those are all typical French girl accessories.”

On this Bastille Day, let Starling help revolutionize your skincare routine with high-quality products that are clean and allergen-free. You won’t need to storm a prison to feel liberated.

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