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Starling Students, 

Let's do face serum the right way. Here's a simple guide to what, when and how for serums:

Typically a serum is a light gel, lotion or oil based product that offers a high concentration of performance ingredients. A serum is meant to enhance your skin and the use of your other skincare products.

It will combat signs of aging and other factors your skin is exposed to – like pollution and stress. It can also improve your skin's texture and clarity with regular use. There is a multitude of serums out there in the clean beauty universe. How do you pick what's right for you? Read on.

Think of a serum like giving a nutrient-dense meal to your skin. Serums are dense with vitamins, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and fatty acids to nourish your skin.

What's in ours? Super potent rose hip seed, chia, hibiscus, and hemp oils are just some of Starling’s heavy lifters to give sensitive skin the well-rested and healthy glow it deserves.

What's not in ours? Irritating exfoliants/acids, chemicals and nuts, gluten or soy.

Listen to what you skin is telling you. Here's a quick list of questions that should help:

1. Is your skin sensitive or can it handle lots of treatments. (You're sensitive if you get red easily, break out with new products or are prone to rashes.)
2. Are you looking to combat aging?
3. Are you looking to brighten skin?
4. Are you looking to plump your skin?
5. Are you looking to exfoliate?

Once you've identified your "needs" list, then you can start researching which serums can help you accomplish your needs. Think you found the "one" for you? Take a critical look at the ingredients listing. Does it have ingredients that will irritate your skin? If it does, move on. If it doesn't – you're a patch test away from your new best skincare friend!

Serums can be used both am or pm depending on your needs. For sensitive skin, it's best to start out 1x a day (pm) and gradually work up.

1. Cleanse skin and leave it lightly damp.
2. Warm 2-3 drops of serum in your hands by gently rubbing them together.
3. Pat onto slightly damp skin in soft motion.
3. Wait a few seconds and let it sink into skin.
4. Apply moisturizer.
5. Glow beautifully. 🌟