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The Benefits Of Using A Face Oil For Sensitive Skin

Face oils are becoming more popular these days, but there's still a ton of hesitation about how to use them and what specific benefits they provide. I'll admit that before we started Starling I was very leery of using any face oils. I worried that they would increase my acne and clog my pores. I worried they wouldn't have enough anti-aging properties to support my skincare needs. Also, were oils even necessary? All of my concerns turned out to be unfounded. Here's why adding face oil to your routine is essential — and why finding the right oil can transform your skin from "just OK" to "WOW".

First, here's what the right oil can do for your face:

Smart Moisturizing – Oils are compatible with your own skin’s natural oils and will help balance the skin’s oil production. They keep it regulated and ensure there is sufficient oil to eliminate your body’s overproduction of oil.

Protect – Oils nourish and enhance your natural skin barrier, keeping skin comfortable and less susceptible to redness and inflammation. They also prevent the environment from stripping your skin of its vital water content.

Fight Bacteria, Naturally – Many oils are anti-bacterial in nature (a few we use are rose hip seed and grape seed) and work hard to tamp acne and excess oil production. Anyone who suffers from acne, take note: As long as you find the right oil, you will not aggravate acne. Even better, you will likely get fewer breakouts.

Anti-Aging – Oils plump and bind moisture to your skin’s barrier, giving it that glow and smooth appearance. They fight free-radical damage to cells and inflammation, helping your skin age more gracefully.

Feed Your Skin – Full of vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants, oils make your skin glow by encouraging cell-regeneration, collagen production, and overall skin health.

We carefully choose the oils in our Revive Anti-Aging Serum to ensure it is made for sensitive and allergenic skin. This means we only choose:

Oils that support sensitive and allergenic skin health. This means no nut, wheat or soy oils. No essential oils. Nothing synthetic.

Oils that are low on the comedogenic scale for pore clogging. We never choose any oil ranking above a 2. We also ensure that any oil ranked 2 is not a high concentration ingredient in our formulation.

Oils that are easily absorbed and don't sit on top of skin.

As many organics as we can. Clean is important to us.

Cold-pressed oils that are not refined and thus have better nutritive properties.

How Do You Use Revive Anti-Aging Face Serum?

Apply on clean, damp skin as either a booster on top of your moisturizer or as the final step in lieu of a moisturizer.

The key with any face oil? You need to test which way works best for you. You may find in the summer that you can get by with using Revive as the final step (sans moisturizer) in your skincare routine. But in the winter you may prefer to use Revive as a booster on top of your moisturizer.

Upon application you will feel Revive's regenerative and anti-aging properties take effect. Your skin will look more plump and softer, and fine lines will be minimized after just a few applications. This is because your skin is experiencing improved hydration levels. After using this oil repetitively for 10-12 weeks, you will see an improvement in elasticity and firmness as your skin begins to produce more collagen and your overall skin health improves.

A superior multitasking product, Revive has many other uses: Try it as an oil cleanser (only a few drops needed), an anti-aging hand oil, an under-eye oil, an ultra-moisturizing hair oil, and an extra-special décolleté oil.


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