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Tips To Boost Immunity & Reduce Stress

Yes, things are tough right now, and most of us feel as if our lives are spinning out of control. Just remember: We're all in this together. Breathe. Deeply. What's most important now is taking steps to stay healthy – physically AND mentally. We've compiled a few handy tips to help you do this:


Boost Your Immune System Now

It’s important to eat right now – make a pact to consume fewer processed foods and load up on as many veggies and whole grains as you can. Add immune-boosters such as ginger, garlic, citrus fruits, blueberries, turmeric, spinach, green tea, oatmeal (make sure it’s gluten-free if you are sensitive or a celiac), and broccoli to your meals. Bonus: Some of these foods are known to help decrease anxiety, too (great resource here). Increasing your fiber intake now is also a good move. It helps balance blood sugar and ward off insulin spikes. There is also evidence that taking additional supplements now will help. It’s best to check with a physician on what would work for you, but, generally, omegas, Vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics are notable for immune boosting.

Wash your hands well, several times a day. Here’s a quick reference from the CDC that outlines all proper techniques. A hand sanitizer is appropriate when you cannot wash your hands properly, but is not a substitute for hand-washing. Use a bleach and water combination once a day to wipe down all commonly used surfaces in your home.

Quality sleep is essential. Eight hours of restful sleep every night lowers blood pressure and improves mental/physical health. (On our site we have lots of tips on how to improve your sleep game). Focusing on better sleep habits will improve and strengthen your immune system. Go to bed at the same time, every night. Get up at the same time, every day. Be quiet and still before bedtime. No computer or cell phone for at least an hour before going to bed. Light stretching before bedtime is a also a good idea. If you are a problem sleeper (like me), having a ritualistic bath routine at night can do wonders. Read about our Sleep Ritual here.

Your body does a better job at repairing and keeping immunity levels optimal if you can keep stress levels to a minimum. Practice stress-reduction techniques to help. Don’t watch the news 24/7. Watch a comedy, read a book with your kids, pet your pets, call family. Make time to consciously escape at least twice a day. Get moving and exercise to reach those optimal levels. Just 20 minutes a day of exercise 4 times a week, can boost your immunity and lower anxiety levels. 

Take care of yourselves and each other.